Lotus Seed

Lotus Seed Jewelry

Lotus Seed jewelry is a line of jewelry I am currently working on. They are all unique, one of a kind, small scale paintings. My paintings represent macro and micro cosmic Universal processes. I would like each piece to be a reminder of the sacred preciousness of our planet, our environment, and our universe. Hopefully, the beauty and spirituality present in nature is communicated through the art work.
— Judy Csotsits

The Idea

To create a beautiful and unique jewelry line from my art. In this way, everyone can own a piece of art.

Please go to the shop sections to purchase any of the one of a kind art pendants: https://www.lotuseedjewelry.com/pendants/

Style & Quality

Lotus Seed jewelry is a line of jewelry created from fine art paintings. If you are interested in seeing more art, please visit:



100% Handmade

Each piece is handmade from original art work. We create a unique and beautiful piece and because of the nature of hand made product, no two are alike. If you would like to see more art, please visit: